Discount – A powerful tool to Attract more clients

Rich results on google's SERP when searching for 'discount'

It’s always been tough to find new clients online. Even if you get a chance to get visibility of new clients, it’s difficult to stand out from the competition. A discount is a perfect solution for all these problems.

To make you stand out of the competition, freelance mantra offers you a powerful feature of generating discount coupons for your new and existing clients. Buyers attract discounts, so many companies offer great discounts to increase sales. Thousands of sellers are offering discounts to their clients at Freelance Mantra to retain them for the long term.

Rich results on google's SERP when searching for 'discount'

You can create custom discount coupons for all users or for specific users using this feature. Create a coupon for custom users or old clients, make them your loyal clients.

This feature is very interesting, as it helps you to find new clients. Discounts cost you more however they attract new clients. Moreover, you have to convert them into regular clients.


  1. Firstly, go to the discounts section.
  2. Then fill out the details asked in the options.
  3. Share the generated discount coupon code with your clients or in advertisements to generate clients.

Start using discounts as a powerful tool and start selling more by boosting your sales.

Share your experience on with this feature and how you boosted sales through it.

September 5, 2020