Importance of Social Media

Social media is a computer-based platform that is used to interact and connect with known
and unknown people, over the internet, in order to share ideas, content, thoughts and
information. Though the earliest form of social media was introduced in the year 1997, with
the name of “Six Degrees”; a social networking site where people would share pictures and
make friends, it has always been brought up for interrogation and dragged into debates,
when it comes to its utility and benefits.
Though Social Media has been around for a while, it has started making a considerably
noticeable impact on people’s lives, especially in the past few years. With the emergence of
social media platforms like MySpace and Facebook in the early 2000s, people of all age
groups started to engage in networking over the internet. And slowly started getting familiar
with the idea of social media being around in our lives as a part of our routine, and slowly
merged into our culture.
Social Media platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, and Snapchat have played a
huge part in being an outlet for content creators of all domains. Writers, music composers,
artists, video creators, and many others have been given a place and well-deserved respect in
one or either social media platforms; some of these even earn their daily wages through
such outlets. The number of content creators coming up has also boomed, after social
media became a household word globally, and has enhanced people’s creativity, by being a
canvas for ideas. It is a great place to become familiar with criticism, which is not
recommended to be paid attention to a lot. It has also kept plagiarism in check. It prevents
the production of plagiarised content, as it is discouraged by viewers and can be easily caught,
hence protecting the originality of content creators.
Social media hasn’t just had an individualistic impact; it has guided and driven corporations and
conglomerates to success as well. Companies use Social Media for marketing and
advertising products; selling ideas; connecting with and influencing their customers;
attracting new customers; being relatable to their customers and to display this imagery of
being approachable, through platforms like Snapchat and Instagram. Other than from a
sales point of view, it has also assisted corporations in recruitment for employees and for
people to find jobs, through platforms like LinkedIn.
The idea and stream of Digital Marketing wouldn’t have come in actuality without the
existence of social media. It formed a completely separate career path, which is currently very
much in demand and popularity. It can help reach a larger audience without much tedious
work. All that is required is regularity in posting content, mostly when people are more
prone to use it. Social Media when is to be used from a business point of view, has several
boons. It makes Advertising cheaper as well.

The key to avoiding unwanted attention on social media is to be safe, from the kind of people
we interact with to the kind of content we are producing and the outreach of our content,
as well as the kind of content we are approaching.
It has raised several debates and questions, one such question was what are the correct and
the most efficient way of using social media. Though there is no written gospel or guideline
for the correct utilization of social media to its complete potential, there are certain
ways in which social media proves to be more of a boon than a burden on society. Especially
considering the current situation around us due to COVID-19, we can certainly confirm that
the existence of social media has made this experience a lot less dire than it would’ve been
without it. Social media could have been more reliable if the content put upon it was fact-checked, and with sharing of content even by users, after being fact-checked especially
sensitive information.
It has been proven to be fruitful to people, even before the current pandemic showed up. It
has helped people connect, with different kinds of individuals, groups and helped us come
across societal ideas, content, and cultural views that sprouted on the opposite the globe. It
has helped stay connected with people all around the globe, keeping us entertained and
updated of the outside world, and making us realize we are a part of something bigger and
more important to us, which is humanity.

August 19, 2020