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How to deliver a service to client in time

Quick email help is a given if time is of the essence. But when all is ASAP, there’s even more to delivering excellent customer support. The only constant in travel is that it’s always changing, and fast: canceled flights, delayed trains, lost baggage. You want to believe while you’re on the train from Bruges to...
December 31, 2020

Basic Difference between Bloggers and Influencers

A blogger is someone with a website where they host a blog and publish their own original, valuable content. An influencer is someone with an online platform who has a massive following and therefore a large impact on an audience’s buying decisions. Not all bloggers are influencers. Not all influencers are bloggers. Bloggers can become...
October 28, 2020

Importance of Social Media

Social media is a computer-based platform that is used to interact and connect with known and unknown people, over the internet, in order to share ideas, content, thoughts and information. Though the earliest form of social media was introduced in the year 1997, with the name of “Six Degrees”; a social networking site where people...
August 19, 2020


I was in my third year of engineering when I started my first internship. And within the first few days, I realized a lacking, or more precisely a disconnect. I recognized that my conceptual knowledge had never been actually implemented. I recognized my theoretical knowledge lacking to actually convert into tangible skills expected of me...
August 6, 2020

Why Freelancing is Important

Freelancing is vital for lots reasons because it worries the employers, freelancers, and therefore the economy. Being the CEO of Freelance Mantra, I even have a lot of experience with freelancing. As workplace , freelancers offer many benefits up front. There are not any associated expenses with annual training, vacations, insurance , and blessings. There are also no place of business headaches which could encompass different employees, commuting, or maybe legal topics between employees....
July 9, 2020

Launching “TO BE” Biggest Indian Freelancing Marketplace

Freelance Mantra Has just launched the first ever Indian service marketplace. Detailed guidelines for the platform will be issued soon  
July 9, 2020