Importance of timely delivery

Customer satisfaction is ensured through providing answers to customers’ concerns and answering their questions. Customers despise waiting, thus the quickness with which you provide such services is critical. When a customer comes to your firm for help, he or she expects it right away.

Imagine contacting a company about a product you need right away and getting a response in less than 24 hours. It bothers you, and chances are you’ve gone on to another company with faster responses.

Here’s why you need to optimize your customer service speed:

1. Raises Your Competitive Advantage

A quick customer service helps your business to stand out in your industry. Why? Because most businesses take long to respond to their customers’ inquiries. And if your customer service is faster than theirs, then most customers have to run to your business for assistance.

For example:

According to a research by Havard Business Review, with data collected after auditing 2,241 US companies in measuring how long each company takes to respond to customers. The following was found out:

· 37% of companies responded in an hour,

· 16% replied within one and 24 hours,

· 24% replied within 24 hours,

· 23% never replied.

As a result, organisations that answered within 30 days had an average response time of 42 hours, which is excessively long.

Customers despise waiting, therefore providing speedy service sets you apart from the competition. This gives your company a long-term, positive brand reputation in the market, which is crucial for dominating your industry.

2. Wins Repeat Customers

Customers always return to a company where they have a positive experience. As a result, offering customers with quick customer service draws them back to your company. It impresses your clients and keeps them loyal to your company, so they don’t have to seek elsewhere because their problems are resolved quickly.

Best of all, because of their positive experience with your company, these customers will recommend it to others. What’s more, guess what? This results in greater sales for your company because referred clients don’t take long to enter your sales funnel. Are you curious as to why? Your referrals have already earned their trust.

3. Shortens Your Sales Funnel

A transaction can be accomplished rapidly if you answer your customers’ queries and resolve their concerns swiftly while in the sales funnel. Because you assist your customers/leads in overcoming objections before they get disinterested and inert. It also aids in keeping customers connected with your company along the sales funnel. It also prevents them from moving on to your competitors or leaking out of your funnel until the deal is completed.

According to studies conducted by Inside Sales, sales agents who make the first contact with consumers receive between 35 percent and 50 percent of all sales.

What this means is that contacting your leads first gives you the best chance of making a good first impression with customers, as well as winning a transaction and shortening your sales funnel.

4. Enhances Customer Satisfaction

One of the most effective strategies to improve client happiness is to provide constant customer care. How? You can give your customers a memorable customer experience by swiftly gathering their feedback and resolving any difficulties. Most businesses strive to delight their clients since it provides numerous benefits. And it’s the key to your company’s long-term survival in a fiercely competitive market. Because no one will convert to buying from you if your clients are dissatisfied with your services/products. Customers are also more than willing to pay more for a positive experience with your company.

5. Establishes Customer Trust

Customers will believe your company is trustworthy if you respond quickly to their questions. Here’s why: they’ll always be able to get aid when they need it. Customers require support 24 hours a day, seven days a week, and when you supply it, they will always trust your company.

Are you unsure how to accomplish this? Agents are available to help your customers on time when using live messaging software. Furthermore, because boots is available 24 hours a day, you can set it up to manage your customers in a polite manner when the live person is unavailable.

Do you want to know what the finest part is? According to an Accenture research, bots can now handle 80 percent of customer interactions. This gives you a great opportunity to serve your customers fast every time they engage.


Customer service is important. While speed is important in dealing with client complaints, it should not come at the expense of the quality of the service provided. Let me explain: you should respond to your clients’ enquiries with useful answers/information, not only to respond swiftly. Because if you provide a faster but worse service, you will have defeated the goal of the quick service.

July 21, 2021