How to post a request on Freelance Mantra

To fulfill your business requirement. Post a request on Freelance Mantra

Visited many freelancing websites? Having a business requirement like needing a business website?, Need a marketing freelancer, etc? Hire a website developer or a marketing freelancer here. More than 30% of business in Delhi are posting their business requirement on Freelance Mantra. Just post a request

Now you can solve all your business problems in one place. Just post a request or freelance jobs on Freelance Mantra.

Post a request on best among all freelancing websites

How to post a requirement on Freelance Mantra?

  1. Create a buyer account on Freelance Mantra.
  2. Verify your email to verify your account.
  3. Go to the user menu, Under the request option-click on post request.
  4. Fill all the details and click on publish.
  5. You have submitted the request, wait for your request to be reviewed and approved.

If your request is being approved, then freelancers will contact you shortly with the best quotes to solve your business requirement on the best among all freelancing websites in India.

To understand it better, watch this video.

July 12, 2020