How to post a freelancing job/service on Freelance Mantra

Looking for freelancing jobs like freelance writing jobs, online writing jobs, promotional jobs, technical jobs online? Joined various freelancing websites outside India?

Now Freelance Mantra have bought you a platform where you can post all jobs for a particular skill you can provide, and let the clients all over the world find you.

Following are steps for listing a freelancing job or a service on Freelance Mantra.

  1. Firstly, create a seller account on Freelance Mantra.
  2. Verify your email to become a verified seller.
  3. Once you are verified, go to your user menu and under the jobs section, click on post a job.
  4. Fill out all the details accordingly and publish the job. A job on freelance mantra will be auto-approved and it will be reviewed after it is live.
  5. Share your job on all social media platforms and groups to reach more clients.
July 12, 2020