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Starting as a blogger?

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Creating Quality original content that can be sold directly to the clients? This place is for you

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How to start blogging, where to start or blogging with google or youtube? Do you have a question about how you can start earning from the first day of blogging? Watch this now

Selling your original content

Copyright your original images and videos with Freelance Mantra.

Upload your original content as an instant deliverable file to sell them directly to clients with one click.

Get paid instantly when a customer purchases your content.

Get chance to work under experienced bloggers.

Use Original Content Only

The instant downloadable content you are selling in your services should be original. Each job is approved after full review.

Approve and Deliver

Approve each order from your dashboard once a buyer pay for it. Mark as delivered, then the file will be available to the buyer.

Love what you are doing

You have selected your career as a blogger, try your best in any field you love to work in.

Selling Promotional Services

Sell services like brand promotions in your social media stories and posts on hourly, daily, monthly basis.

Your payment is always secured with Freelance Mantra. Once the buyer confirmed the work completed, payment will be transferred.

Give a turning point to your blogging career towards success.

Use Informative Description

Write descriptive words and informative content in your service description to stand out of the competition.

Use extra and custom custom services as a powerful tool

List your extra and custom services carefully with your regular service listing. Add additional services as small or part of regular services.

Share across Social Media Platforms

After posting your freelance job on Freelance Mantra, share it on all social media for marketing and get more buyers. Share it on different groups as well

How will i get paid, once a buyer purchased my service
  1. If a buyer purchase your service, you will be notified.
  2. Confirm the order and complete the work with full quality and as committed.
  3. After you complete the work, buyer will mark the service as complete and you will receive money in your account.
What is a buyer declines completion after work completion

Freelance Mantra always keeps an eye on every work. Therefore, we assure you that your payment is safe with us always.

We recommend you to

  1. Keep proper record of each stage of work.
  2. Keep all formal conversations through our website
How can i start blogging without original content

Before starting blogging, we recommend you to master your skill. Start with basic blogging and develop a skill to create quality original content where be a music, food photo, video or any other content.

What are the best blogging website to start as a blogger

Creating a website is essential now a days and all the social media pages too. The main thing is be original with content.

Searching things like instagram bio for girl, instagram bio for boys or instagram posts for brands doesn't gives you a good reach.

Always be original with content.

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