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Talent acquisition in Freelance Mantra means to discover fresh talents with innovative and different ideas


We promote freelancing and to break 9 to 5 frustrated employee chain. Therefore, we promote working virtually for our team to give proper output along with working on their self-development.


At Freelance Mantra, we try to give every fresh talent a proper chance to work for creating this world a better workplace and grow your career.

Team Levels

If you are in any of the stage listed here, you are in


If you are an experienced person in your field. Freelance Mantra team welcomes you to join our journey.


Having a little experience about your field and working for learning new skills. We will train you to excel in your field.

Rising Talents

Struggling with getting a chance to learn something new? Freelance Mantra will give you a platform to learn something new. Get hired as an intern.

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Things you should focus on to get a job in 2020

Freelance Mantra purely focuses on young talent. We are looking forward for students to intern with us starting from first year of their college life. Freelance Mantra welcomes all fresh talent to intern with us.

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We are hiring regular employees for various fields and for various companies. Apply to the job.


We regularly hire freelancers for our day to day business requirements. List your freelancing service.


We hire interns every month to search for the fresh talents in India. Apply to the vacancies and keep learning.