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Many people are searching daily for freelance jobs online. They are constantly looking to fulfill their business requirements with the help of freelancers offering temporary jobs like freelance writing jobs, data entry jobs from home, website development eCommerce, etc. Once you’ve listed your job on Freelance Mantra clients can directly buy your services. Learn how to list a job service on Freelance Mantra. Learn how to earn online as a seller

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“Became a seller in January when it was a freelancer’s community only. Got to know more about freelancing and the latest and trending updates about technology in Digital Marketing. They are providing the best service for freelancers and being an Indian website supporting Make In India & Vocal for Local, I support it”



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DIRECTOR – Ainitosh

“Freelance mantra is just hitting the right way towards the future for Freelancing job-seeking people like me by providing a very basic yet expansive platform to make happen the client-freelancer relationship come true. In these uncertain times, this platform has helped me as a data entry freelancer to find suitable works and broaden my network and earning both. This is great.

Matilda Ellis




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